LASA address – Rob Hankins

Speech by Rob Hankins, Tierra Health

Recent ACFI cuts announced in the budget may seem to you as though the sustainability “light at the end of the tunnel” for your facility has been “turned off”.  It doesn't have to be that way.
One thing I want you to know right up front
Tierra Health is all about ‘the little guys’ – the small to medium operators who make up more than 60% of service providers. We are not interested in the big guys – they can care for themselves.

Even if you’re not feeling the ACFI pinch right now
You should have a talk to us because you’re facing the ACFI pinch. As your revenue gets progressively cut in the coming months, you will have to tackle the crunch on your profitability and balance sheet. Our sector is at a critical juncture. We will ensure you ride the waves with sails properly set for the financial storm that is building up to hit us from January.

It's all about obtaining operational efficiency
That's the key to your success – and that’s what we enable you to do. You cannot rely on government funding as they continually change the rules to suit Treasury, not the needs older people and service providers who care for them. We’ll make sure you can stand independently, sustainably, on your own two feet.

You should come to us because we get it
No one understands what you’re going through more than we do because we are operational aged care people. We know what is happening and we know how to tackle it.
In summary, the no-nonsense version of what we do is this:

  • We will work in the business with you as Key Personnel.
  • We put ‘our money where our mouth is’. We are not ‘no risk’ consultants.
  • We know what the risks are, and are robust enough to manage them.
  • We are highly practical; Hands-on; in your facility.
  • We are very experienced in aged care. We understand the business and know what to look for.
  • We can provide a manager who can be there for a short, medium or long-term turnaround according to what you need, backed up by our expertise.
  • We are not expensive and will achieve the outcomes you want.

Our brochure is in your sample bags. Take a look at it, visit our website or make the most of today and grab me for a chat over lunch or during the rest of the conference. The time is now so make the most of it.