Do you want the full power of a corporate management team in your residential aged care facility at a lower cost than doing it yourself?

Tierra Health enables you to ‘outsource’ the whole management service, or parts thereof – from operations to finance – while retaining the control and functionality of a traditional internal resource. This can help you through sticky situations while you reposition the facility.
Suitable for investors and owners

Our Management Services include:

  • Pre-sale evaluation for acquisition/selling
  • Pre-sale preparation to maximise sale value
  • Due diligence
  • Service management (short-term or long-term) where we assume Approved Provider status
  • KPI reporting to track business performance
  • Occupancy, marketing and refurbishment
  • Asset optimisation and property condition reporting
  • Staffing solutions, such as: optimising master rosters, roles and responsibilities;updating and implementing roster changes, and reporting on workforce and other costs